Pics, Tiree and more

Having received a few really nice shots from JC yesterday has kind of inspired me to write up how Tiree panned out for me.

We had a pretty epic drive up, stopping at Boardwise on the way for Bubble to pick up some gear and for Greg to grab some much needed fast food. It was cool to see the Boardwise shop, sooo much gear there!!! Arriving in Oban we stayed at John Bainbridges house the night, which we all massively appreciate as it meant sleeping in beds instead of upright in the van!!! Up early and on to the ferry then as soon as we arrived we drove straight to the Maze, where we scored some pretty decent conditions, head high 4.9 conditions on the 84l hardcore quad. The next day, we were hoping for the same before the start of the competition, but the wind failed to come through and the swell was not really happening, so sacking in the down the line mast foot high Maze we went for some shoulder high side on jumping at Crossapol, it was good fun on the 5.3 and my 88l freestyle twinfin as the ramps were very few and far between so I managed to make the most of them being on the plane the whole time.

Then the competition began… a serious amount of mincing was undertaken, especially with virtually no phone signal and limited internet access, as we were all trying to use it at the same time! That said the organisers arranged some form of entertainment after lunch each day; volleyball, rounders, football and of course the tow in windsurfing. JC got to warm his camera gear up with some incredible photos from all over the island which we got to see on the last day.

The tow in was a lot of fun and certainly took the edge of being stuck on a windless waveless island, it was also a good chance to get a grip at it as some events seem to be giving prize money for tow in windsurfing… the first session we did was pretty funnel-tastic, i tried a couple of burners/ponches, whatever you wanted to call them in the zero wind conditions, but kept flying out the straps. the next session we had I tried some different moves and landed a couple of shakas and got some switch konos with a landing that would have been nice if there was some wind…
Mincing over and we got some surf before the final day, just enough to get the SUP out then the short boards.
Everything was down to the final days forecast, we had a lot of expectations and the chat in the bar and at the house the night before was getting a little out of hand, talk of half mast to logo high waves and planning conditions didn’t quite appear but we did get some nice head high down the line starboard tack conditions, which meant I had a chance to practice my goiters, after nailing a few in my first heat…off the back of the wave… I thought I would try one last one, and although I didn’t land on the wave I got super close and found myself mushing around in white water before slipping off the back…
The heats went well, and although quite a few people said I had won we I came into the beach, I was pretty unsure as I knew what Scotty’s turns were like from Ireland and that he was not easy to beat. My choice to use a freestyle board meant I sacrificed those rail to rail turns to catch more waves, my tactic worked as I racked up my number of waves with about 5 minutes to go I realised I still hadn’t scored that really nice wave that makes you think ‘yes that’s one in the bag’. I got one not a minute later and then a one that was close on the next wave, which left me feeling pretty unsure when I came into the beach. I knew my previous heat had been better so I just had to wait and see…
In the end Scotty got a well deserved first and I came second. This does mean he is having to make the trip to Cornwall in a weeks time for the final ‘showdown’ as we both hold the same results, a first and second each…
Nice pic from JC during the semi final heat

Thanks to JC for all the pics.

Right off to Aussie Kiss now for the next stage of the RRD Road trip, a student style demo weekend. My van is literally rammed with more kit than you can shake a stick at. In fact more gear than I’ve ever had in my van.

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