Weymouth power hour!!

On my way home yesterday and thought I would stop off at Weymouth for a quick power hour of glassy flat freestyle.

Feels like ages since I’ve actually had a fully dedicated freestyle session, aside from the 5 gusts I caught at the lake at Aussie Kiss! Turned out to be an amazing session on the 4.9 Superstyle and 88 Twinfin Twintip. Busting out all the old moves and even a couple new ones helped me keep up to date with a lot of the new moves/combination moves that are coming out at the moment.

It was pretty gusty but that freestyle board was unreal, so spinny, still fast and with loads of pop!! Off for more practice now and even more tmrw! 14/15 degrees and we are in Nov!! 25 knots+ wind forecast for almost everyday this next week and 25 knots+ wind pretty much everyday for the last week!!! Happy days!!

Also noticed someone taking photos at Weymouth yesterday… would love to get hold of them if anyone knows who it was?!

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