New year, new van and off to Cape Town

First off happy new year everyone.

So with the new year I have a new van!!! Exciting I know…well actually I’ve had it for a couple of months but just haven’t had the time to kit it out until the last few days. So what is it… well a 2005 Ford Transit SWB Low roof, so much like the old black one but newer and with 50,000 less miles on the clock. The best bit is… it’s bright orange, so the ultimate ginger-mobile. It’s a bit too dark now for pics, but I’ll get some in the morning and then at the end of the day tomorrow. To show the work that I manage to get done.

Being an ex RAC van it took me two days to strip all the fittings, wiring, random other bits and pieces out. Then the last two days I’ve been kitting it out with a ply-lining set I got from ebay, much less hassle and I think it is actually cheaper than buying the wood from the local timber yard (except it doesn’t fit that well, so I have to keep making alterations, still less hassle then measuring and cutting each piece to fit).

I was lucky enough to pick up a few really old masts from my sponsors at seasprite a month or so ago and am now the proud owner of probably the worlds lightest double bed! Oh yeh… Also the van is equipped with an internet cable…I’ve yet to try it out but hopefully I can hack into the RAC network… mmmmeeeeeeee! Or more likely not and I’ll just attach a dongle jobby to the end of the internet cable jobby and have the same setup…or just use my iphone!

Finally I’m off to Cape Town in two days…good news for everyone at home as the wind looks like it is filling in here and disappearing out there!! Anyway its 30 degrees out there so I’ll just take my red surf board out with me… der…der……der…der…..der..der..der.der..derderderderderderderrrr!!!

Anyway more tomorrow on the van and what I’m packing for Cape Town!

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