So have been in Cape Town for a week and a half now, with a week and a half to go! Time is flying by!
In a quick summary, the flight was good, the first few days were all about surfing as there was nothing in terms of wind, but the surf was good. Was nice to be eased into the shark fear then…wallowing around on a seal shaped board! Anyway all is good. We then had some light afternoons on the lake and finally the wind kicked in 4 days ago…full power everyday. We had a day off in between and visited the local waterfalls, which had some huuuuge jumps, good fun, profitt nearly killed himself though on the first jump!
Anyway the windsurfing has been really good the last few days we have had two sessions a day everyday, averaging probably like 5 hours on the water! Yesterday we went to Kraal bay, a freestyle spot for a bit of practice! Was an amazing spot, white sand beaches, wind was good, on 4.9’s and 88l boards! Then today we sailed sunset and big bay, full full power on 4.1! hopefully get some pics up soon but had some good bbq’s since I’ve been out here and living with a few of the UK wave tour guys is pretty motivating when it comes to moves!
More soon!

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