Cape Town done and dusted

So got back from Cape Town yesterday! Awesome flight, really empty so had a whole row of 8 seats to myself = 8 hours of solid sleep!!

To save a massive write up you’ll have to check my column in the Feb issue of boards. Anyway last few days were awesome, here are a few pics from the whole trip…couldn’t upload pics whilst out there?!?!

 Generally had a lake session in the morning (above) then to sunset around lunch (below) then big bay in the evening.

 Learning to push loop above, got that move sorted on Ben Proffitts birthday 🙂 rigged up and first run off the beach landed it bolt up right (shame we were in too much of a hurry to get the video camera out)…ahh well Ben, George and a couple other people saw it and the bigger one after!

Had a ‘slight’ bush fire about 50m from our house… only burnt for about 4-5 hours….only
 Did a few cliff jumps on a trip to the waterfalls, awesome fun!
 Saw some of the local wildlife Baboons (above), penguins (below)
 Still from a video….so a bit blurred….
Had a couple of pretty big days at Sunset (mast high sets), below!
All in all a good trip and learnt a lot. Will be working on a video over next couple of weeks! Wind tomorrow and it’s looking warm at 3 degrees…
More soon!

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