Whitstable and tweet club

Met up with Max Rowe to sample the delights of Whitstable today. Despite being super light, it was actually good fun. Could have done with my 100l TT instead of the 88 but other than that all was good.

Couple of snaps below (video stills):
 Really really light winds (kiters in the background on 13m…whatever that means…)
 Flat…no wind
Precious gust at the right time
Keep an eye out for a short webisode from the afternoons antics…don’t get your hopes up too high though…It really was light! Good practice though, many of the events are held in this much wind!
Also… finally turned to Twitter and signed up, so if your signed up and care at all about what I’m up to… feel free to see what I’m doing..think the username is something like adamsimsk669…tweet club…oh yeh!
Alsoooo it’s awesome to see freestyle on a bit of a come-back lately (posts all over the shop) and some recognition for it being radical from a self-confessed wave head, Graham from Surfmatic Blog. Legend!

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