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Just arrived home late last night after a bit of a hectic last day, I somehow managed to smash my left foot in to my board one hour before our transfer was supposed to arrive. So I shot in to town and had a quick X-ray and got some ‘fixation’ as the doctor liked to call it. Initially I was convinced I had broken it as I have done it before and it felt exactly the same. Fortunately or unfortunately… I’ve yet to find out… the X-ray showed no broken bones, however each bone in my big toe and the next toe along has compressed into the other, which to be honest I don’t really know what it means but it doesn’t feel very comfortable. Alongside that I’ve been told of a load of potential ligament damage…we shall see. Hopefully its not as bad as it feels and should all go away soon enough. The upside of it is that I managed to get the special treatment with Easyjet, first on the plane, first off, got one of those airport buggy jobbies that you always see the injured riding on. Anyway a quick special thanks to Steve Thorne who I was travelling with for helping me out massively and also to Max and Steven Van ‘Donk’ for getting the safety boats attention and helping me pack up. Thanks guys!

Anyway aside from that excitement the whole trip was really successful, got loads of footage, a new combo move for myself and stepped up my power moves a little. The whole trip started off in El tur for one night (where I sliced my head open wakeboarding, 4 stitches… accident prone are we) and then on to Moon Beach, back to El Tur and finally Dahab. Josh Willmot was following us around with the BlackLab camera gear and we all took turns filming at various spots, using the crane etc… have to say, Moon Beach has some seriously good locations when its firing. Awesome stunt ramps on the way out and super flat on the way in. Anyway bit of a lame update but don’t want to give away too much as we have a video coming out in a few weeks and some mag coverage coming up. But make sure you like the BlackLab facebook page to get all the latest info on it all:

Some snaps taken from the BlackLab page (link above)

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