The foot the foot

Went on an adventure to A’n’E last night to get my foot checked up by someone that wasn’t going to tell me it will be ‘ready in six days’…ready for what?

Anyway, sat around for almost two hours and had a couple more x-rays. The verdict…well originally I was told nothing was broken by the doctor in Egypt, however it doesn’t quite seem that that is the case. Having had a good look at the inside of my foot, the UK doctors managed to find that I’ve chipped the bone on the inside of the ‘big knuckle’ part of my big toe. The joint where the toe becomes the foot. It’s not too major and there isn’t really much they can do about it as it is now just floating bone. There is some ligament damage but they can’t tell how bad it is really without an MRI scan. Anyway as it is I left the hospital knowing that I can put weight on it but I should keep it strapped to the other toe for a couple of weeks. I was told moving it will help the repair process…so off skiing on Friday, to Val Thorens!

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