Val Thorens skiing and what’s in store…

So just got back from a week’s skiing with Emily and her Uni friends. Absolutely awesome week. The snow wasn’t too bad, the apres ski was pretty intense and the fancy dress was brilliant. Still having issues with the foot though…not good :s A few pictures below of the apres ski and the actual skiing. I’ve never been over easter before and we got quite lucky most of the time. A couple days I didn’t even need my jacket!

The plan from here for the next few weeks is first off to get out on the water before the Hayling freestyle event next weekend. Then drive down to Austria for the PWA event in two weeks time. Just checked and that’s a 1600 km’s there….. I think the plan is for 6 of us to all go together in two vans, so should be a funny little road trip. Then it’s straight back for BWA Rhossi! We have one day to drive from Podersoft to Rhosneiger…..2020 km’s in…one…day!!!!!

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