So with 3 events coming up in such a short amount of time it looks like we are on for a bit of a road trip… Good job we’ve got a double bank holiday weekend to prepare for it. The plan begins with the Hayling event, then we (Max, Bubble, Bry, Drume’d, Global and myself) meet at mine before driving to Austria for the PWA, then the short hop to Wales for the UK wave event and then finally home. Cool thing is I’ve managed to get us a bit support from Red Bull for the journey, a few crates to keep us awake as we drive several thousand kilometers in the next two weeks. So thanks in advanced for that. Any other offers welcome… 😉 There’s plenty of video and mag coverage to come of it… haha

Also looks like this weekends wind for the Hayling Island event is desperately trying to show it’s face… could be a light winder though, good to put all that practice on my 4.5 to the test then. Actually joking aside at least it will be good warm up for Austria, I feel I haven’t sailed in ages!

From the National Windsurf Festival @ Hayling last year

Have a look at Max’s twitter/blog, think he worked out somewhere the exact mileage, I made a rough guess on an earlier post. Bring it on…

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