Hayling Freestyle – Round 1

So the weekend didn’t really turn out very windy at all… infact I think it must have been 5 knots or less 99% of the time. We had a couple light wind freestyle contests which was great for my dodgey foot. Then to cap it off we had a bit of a tow in freestyle comp, which went well as I couldn’t sail back in and then got some help to de-rig my kit! I just over-used my busted foot I think and it was giving me a lot of grief, it’s back to how it was before the event now but still at that stage where I’m sure it’s more than just a chipped bone. Anyway I managed to win the tow in comp but we didn’t have too much of a shot at it as time was running out. Soooo… we’ve somehow managed to arrange some practice (well some sort of interview thing!?) on the Hove Lagoon 2.0 cable tow, this afternoon. A few of us are heading down there for 5pm, so if your about, come and watch… as I’m sure it’ll be entertaining.

Better get off, I’ll see if I can upload a few sneaky pics of it this eve…

Link to freestyle round one (Hayling) video, thanks to globalshots:

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