Wind Jinx!!!

I’m not really a massive complainer or do I think I’m much of a wind jinx, but after checking the forecast I feel I may become both…

We leave to Austria today to a landlocked windless lake (well maybe a bit of wind on monday) for my first PWA event of the year. We are also leaving behind the best forecast of the year, for me, in terms of freestyle and port tack jumping. With the forecast as it is Whitstable will be firing for glassy flat freestyle for as long as the forecast can reach and St Marys Bay and Greatstone will be awesome for port tack jumping… I’ve been at home for a while now and had pretty much nothing in the way of wind! So heading to Austria with only tow-in freestyle as practice since Egypt (3 and a half weeks ago!!!!!)!

Aside from that the tow in the other night was good fun, we got some decent pics so keep an eye on the mags for a write up of that from Sam Ross!

Let the journey begin!

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