Fuerte…two full power weeks!

So we are two weeks in, the first of the weekly videos will be up by the weekend, here are a couple of stills from it:

It’s really been full power here, we even took a day off just because it was too windy and we had been sailing fully maxed out for the whole previous week. On a personal note I’m happy that i’ve learnt quite a lot already, more getting moves consistent then new moves but a couple new ones for me.
Will update again soon with the video and more pictures. The idea behind the video is to push the younger guys as well, so expect to see a lot from the ‘groms’ who are all out here over the next few weeks! Now time to go sail again in the Lagoon… 4.2 again… love to!
One other thing, thanks to the Rene Egli VW Transporter that drove over my 2012 RRD 100 Twintip yesterday, I now have a board that is in exactly the same condition but with the knowledge that it can take the weight of a loaded VW Transporter… sick!!!

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