Triple dose of Valium!

So had a sick session today, pushloops of knee high waves until about half an hour in when I went for a planning pushie in front of Nick Bentley but too far off the wind and the rotation stopped about three quarters of the way around, where I went full power into the boom. Unfortunately we were about a kilometer downwind of the centre, so some help from my regular rescue team who have now de-rigged for me three times and carried me off the water twice, and an off road drive later and I was on my way to hospital.

Arriving there they recognised me and got my file out… then decided a triple shot of Valium would help ease the pain. No I just have to wait to see if I’m going to be sick or not, as this decides whether I’ve ruptured my appendix or if its just muscular bruising, etc…. either way it’s not ideal and another few days off the water.

Here are some pics from a session a few days ago… thanks to Steffi Hoffmann for the pics.

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