Operation operation

Sooo the date is set, I’ll be going under the knife on the 21st November. It means I’m technically not allowed to windsurf for 6 weeks but who ever let that stop them…

To be honest considering the year I have had I feel like this is a small price to pay. With this kicking off in Egypt where I cut my head open and had 4 stitches in the local hospital, then started off the issues with the foot by crashing a ponch. Then Fuerte where I visited the doctor/hospital about 4 times in total; with a suspected broken leg (crashed clew first backloop), suspected ruptured appendix (crashed pushloop), a deep cut across my shin (fin across the shin after getting worked by a foot high wave…….) and further foot issues…then in the UK I had even more problems at events with my foot.

Soo the plan for Dec/Jan is to spend some time in Austria and hit up the ski slopes a bit, I figured a ski boot will be solid enough… then Cape Town is booked for all of February to train up for the following season. It’s a bit annoying though because the rate freestyle windsurfing is moving on it won’t take long to fall behind!

In the meantime I’ve got a few weeks before the Op so this weekend there is a kids freestyle camp at West Witterings which I will be demoing/working at… so come along and get involved if you want to learn a few moves… the forecast looks awesome….or head to BWA Cornwall for the epic forecast that the Wave sailors are heading to!

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