PWA Fuerteventura round up

Ok so having been in Greece for a week, I figured it was now time to update about PWA Fuerteventura. For those not so interested in all the chat, feel free to flick through the pictures in the gallery below, some nice shots from JC during the event.

So Fuerte was awesome… before the competition, full power, I was sailing every day like crazy, learning new moves and tuning up current moves. All this on 4.2 or 4.7 totally powered up and I felt confident to make my target of (at the very worst) top 20. Then the PWA Slalom came and went with crazy winds and it was time for some freestyle action. Typically the wind dropped and the biggest sail I had was 4.7. When you are drawn against a light weight kid from Curacao, the chances of going through suddenly drop. It was a pretty grey area when it came to the competition area, but all in all he sailed a decent heat, I sailed ok and he managed to just take it on the score sheets. Ok a bit gutted but there’s always the double. I waited to see the draw, only to find that I was against Armado from Bonaire and guess what, more marginal 4.7 weather… Much like Podersdorf my heat was the one to be cancelled and re-sailed because of the gusty winds. When we did re-sail the wind was still gusty but a tiny bit stronger, it did pick up to decent wind by the time the heat ended but it was too little too late, and again the heat area was a pretty grey area. Anyway I managed to sail probably my best heat I’ve ever sailed, with a Burner, Culo, Kono, Shaka, Air Flaka and Shuv-it spock to count, however, this wasn’t enough and despite the close sheets, Armado just took it. To be honest he was probably one of the toughest draws in the double for those conditions as he then went on to sail some crazy heat against Paul Zeper, with kabikuchis, skopus, culos, etc… but this time he was actually counted out the area on 3 moves and Zeper was fortunate to take it.

Despite the really great overall position I ended up with… I’m actually pretty pleased with what I managed to land in my heat and have a lot of motivation for future events.

Anyway, now in Greece preparing for the EFPT 3style Area Cup, the winds have been pretty marginal, only getting out on 5.3 a few times, however, if the forecast stays true then things should be a little better for the competition. Hopefully I can make top 16, maybe even top 10… Meanwhile here is an amusing little edit we made the last couple of days… and photos from the PWA below.

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