EFPT Sigri and Lastminute to Lefkada

After two weeks in Sigri, I’m more than happy to say that I really enjoyed the spot. It’s fairly quiet so it is a more chilled out location and we were a little unlucky with the wind, especially as we now leave and it suddenly goes full power. Anyway the wind was ok and I still managed a couple 4.7 sessions but mostly on 5.2. The freestyle spot itself is pretty sick, it’s quite a short run so you are forced to do a high frequency of moves, more than normal and because of that you end up having more sessions but for less time. Then any thought of partying seems to just slip out the window as bed becomes just a bit too inviting. That said the side was certainly not let down when the EFPT were in town. Despite a lot of guys having left before the last night party, it was amazing to see how such a small group managed to really, how was it put… by Davy Scheffers… ‘turn the bar upside down’. We had a lot of fun throughout the whole event with everyone and I really hope we get to return next year. It is certainly right up there on one of my top places to go and would recommend it to a lot of people. Perhaps that is why Andraz, Davy and Youp are all staying there to get some practice in. No doubt a pretty decent video will be out in the next weeks from them.

Anyway here are a few pictures below from action of myself throughout the competition. I was pretty stoked with my result, achieving my aim of making the top 10 has given me further confidence for the future and left me with a lot of ideas about what to practice. Actually it’s what I needed after my highly disappointing result in Fuerte where I pretty much got screwed over by only taking 4.2 and 4.7 with me… good move on my part… lesson learnt! Enjoy the snaps, mainly taken by Hanna Poschinger at efpt.net

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