Back in Action – 8th in Europe and KotW done!

Ok so the last update was a while ago, which can only mean one thing, I’ve been on a mission. Actually, it’s been a little more than that so apologies already if this is a lengthy one to catch up a little.

When you make plans for the next month/year/2 years/etc, they always seem to be some sort of progression from what the previous year has had in store. Well at least that is how it has worked for me, until this year. Don’t get me wrong, there was a plan but nothing at all like what happened. Anyway everything that happened over the first part of the year almost seems to be completely separate to the next ‘little’ project I found myself undertaking.

Having a massive interest in windsurfing kind of lead me to a chat with Sam Burnett about doing an EFPT event in the UK. Initial plans were made over a drink or two in Fuerteventura, these plans grew from one thing to the next and sure enough we found ourselves fully motivated to start up an events company and run an international competition in the UK. That said, the week passed and not much more was said of it. About two and a half months later the King of the Wind kicked off with 26 competitors and 7 females competing alongside in the Queen of the Wind. In between I’d lost about a kilo of hair, a few kilos of weight and my eyes had gone a little square. At the same time I’d had some awesome sessions on the new sail brand I signed up to (Sailloft Hamburg) and became the agent for them, complimenting Patrik Diethelm perfectly. Between that I also went to Witterings for the UKWA comp where I won the tow-in, to Weymouth for meetings with the council, to Hamburg to meet up with Team Sailloft, then Austria, down to Cornwall for the SWA Aussie Kiss event, to south France for the second stop of the EFPT, back down to Weymouth for the King of the Wind and now I’m finally at home after spending a few days ‘break’ surfing/windsurfing with some friends in Cornwall. Thank you van for just about surviving!

All in all it’s been pretty hectic but at the same time it’s awesome and I hope that 2013 will be a little more easier to deal with now everything is in place.

So with plenty of video to get through I’ve started to make a 2012 round up and will release it within a couple of weeks I imagine. In the meantime Josh Willmot is working on the last video from the King of the Wind, which I hear will be out in the next couple of days. Can’t wait to see that one!

There are plenty of images so here is a little gallery of all the happenings in the last couple of months including some cool shots on the new kit, enjoy and the next update will be very soon. I’ve got some plans for some move clips or photo sequences to discuss the higher end moves.

Lastly, a huge thanks to Sailloft and Patrik for all their support in the last months and I’m completely stoked to be riding on the best gear that is currently on the market and even more stoked to have achieved my highest international ranking as a result of the new gear – now officially 8th in Europe! Muzza style woop woop! Which, I was told, makes me the second person from the UK to ever break into the top 10 EFPT rankings since the tour started in 2003!


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