The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Today was literally as the title explains. I finally hit the water for a session with no competition pressures, no pumping and handful of new moves I wanted to try without too many spectators.

The Good

4.4 Sailloft and my Patrik 90, fully stacked and some waist to head high ramps out back, although very onshore. The first hour was a great warm-up then this awesome little ‘trench’ that I’ve eyed up at Camber for a long time now just appeared and because of the tide it stayed for ages. It was flat inside, waist deep for port tack moves and on the way out you had a 50-100m run up to knee/waist high ramps, it was awesome!! So I was stoked to have this chance to just really go for it and well about 50% of what I wanted worked out, this is where we go to…

The Bad

As is standard with trying new moves the crashes are just not ideal! I think a helmet could well be a good idea on these rare occassions, sounds a bit gay but anyone trying anything new in any sport wears them, so not such a bad idea after all. What else was bad… hmmm forgetting my screwdriver, forgetting my wetsuit/harness, forgetting my 370 mast. Let’s just say the 4.4 works well with a 400 mast but with a 370 it is exceptional!

The Ugly

The ripped apart hands, the karate chop to the neck by my own boom, the inability to swallow, not being able to feel my ice block like feet, the feet swelling up after the session so I couldn’t put my already oversized shoes on for half an hour.

Lessons learnt

Go faster, forget less, windsurf more.

Will I be out tomorrow


Something visual

A still from some gopro footage captured about 10 days ago whilst snowboarding for the third day in my life, usually a skier, fancied a change and got converted.

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 16.35.12


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