Namibia Surfari – Get Involved!

Having spent two weeks in Namibia earlier this year I’m stoked to announce that myself and Flo Ragossnig are teaming up to offer the trip of a lifetime to this truly incredible destination with our Namibia Surfari. Having travelled there together we were both totally amazed at how untouched this place was. During our entire trip there we saw just one other windsurfer yet we scored the best windsurfing conditions we have ever experienced.

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Annually this country hosts the fastest speed sailors in the world, so we figured there must be a good reason why these guys keep heading back there time and time again. I think the moment our group hit the Namibian waters earlier this year was just one of the moments when we discovered that reason. From that day onwards we didn’t look back; windsurfing in new untouched paradises, camping at some of the most iconic landmarks on Earth and seeing the stunning wildlife in its natural habitat, it really was the dream trip.

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So myself and Flo are stoked to announce that we will be heading back there this coming January and we will be taking a group of Surfari seeking enthusiasts for a ten day trip of a lifetime. Currently we have space but it’s filling up quicker than we could have imagined, so if you would like to know more and want to be guided around Namibia in a your own 4×4 camping equipped Toyota Hilux pick-up truck, with a bunch of like minded windsurfers, whilst receiving top quality windsurf coaching then please CLICK HERE.

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You can read more about our trip in some of the most popular windsurfing mags in the world over the next couple of months.

Enjoy the ride


    1. Hi Ben, thanks for asking. At the moment it’s on hold for this year but we plan to bring it back next season. If you have a group and want a guide then myself and Flo know the spots well by now and would be happy to join you. Cheers.

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